Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sides Hurt From Laughing

The Harlot came to Tennessee, and did not disappoint. That woman can say "Hello" and I'd laugh uncontrollably.

There was a great group at Borders, and I always get a thrill seeing this many people knitting at once. It makes me feel just a little bit more normal (which doesn't happen too often).

The Harlot also brings people together. Here's my pal JP (it stands for Just Perfect) and his friend Ashley. His blog rocks, he's fun, charming, and an amazing knitter.

I just had to throw in a picture of the two of us - we usually chat via e-mail, so it's extra nice to see him in person. I showed him how to do magic loop, and he got it instantly. ('Cause he rocks).

These are two of my favorite knitters, Jen and Kim, who are now sock Queens. They both took sock classes from me, and it makes me feel like a proud mama to see just how much they love sock knitting.

After catching up with friends and knitting a bit, the Harlot spoke. Hee Hee Ha Ha almost peed my pants funny!!! She's funny, smart as anything, and tells the best stories.

We all got in line to get our books signed. She met TBY's incredible owner, Dana, and we took a group picture. OMG she's holding my sock! And OMG I got to hold her sock!!!! How cool is that? My eyes are actually open in this picture too!

The night was a blast. I'm still all keyed up from having so much fun. It's the same feeling I get after going to a great concert. My non-knitter friends have asked me about the Harlot - apparently they don't understand the term "knitting humorist". She's a rock star in the knitting world, and she liked my sock. Cool.


Alicia said...

Man.. I totally should have pre-boarded, by the time we came back from Chic-fil-a, the line had moved so little and I felt so bad about Gracie being crated all day, that we decided to come home rather than wait for her to sign my book. I had brought an astro book too, just in case I didn't get her book in time :) I was still thinking of having her sign it.. ah well, here's hoping her next visit is on a day when HTB and I take separate cars and I can stay longer...

J.P. said...

It was such a great day! Thanks for helping to make it so! Also, thanks for the Magic Loop help.. I love it! I can't wait until the next time we get to hang out!