Monday, May 26, 2008


Happy Memorial Day! It's officially the start of summer, thank goodness, and I kicked it off with a perfect day at the lake with friends.

My dear friend Carrie (above) and I joined some other friends on Old Hickory Lake yesterday for some sunshine. (And SPF 50 sunblock).

I learned how to wear a diaper - not what you're thinking. If you wear a life jacket upside down in the water, you float effortlessly.

We drove around for a while getting sun, then stopped off at a restaurant - I would definitely recommend this place if I could remember the name - Anchor Something Or Other. They had a killer shrimp po-boy and a great selection of beer for a hot afternoon.

I'm still not posting a lot lately, and have had a lot going on, but just wanted to share some sunshine with the world. I'm so glad we got out yesterday because some storms are about to pass through, but after that I'm planning some pool time with friends and am thoroughly enjoying this holiday. It's been the perfect combination of good friends, sun (but not enough to burn my freaky pale skin), and laughter.


J.P. said...

It looks like a fun time, Diaper Girl! :)

Jenni Lee said...

emily! i haven't seen you in forever! i must come by the store tomorrow, if i get back from my volleyball game in time! anyway it sounds like your summer got off to a great start and i hope to see you very soon! =]