Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

I'm back! And I'm knitting A LOT! It's that time of the year when I try to knock out gifts left and right. My wonderful family and friends all seem to have birthdays in the fall, then Christmas, then a couple more birthdays in January, so my hands are busy. So far, I think I may actually be on top of things, because I would rather not spend Christmas Eve blocking 15 different things and weaving in a thousand ends. **If you might be getting a gift from me, stop reading this now**

1. Undulating Waves Scarf. Knitted, ends woven in, need to block.

2. Felted Clogs from Fiber Trends. Need to felt.

3. Big Snugs (boot slippers). Linings knitted, need to knit outer shells and seam and felt.

4. Chunky Alpaca Cowl. I threw in a big cable. Maybe 5" done out of 20" or so.

5. Pirate hats. They're double-knitted hats with a skull and crossbone motif. I finished one last night and am terrified that they are too big. I'll measure the boys' heads tomorrow and pray that they're the same size as mine. If not, then we'll find out if Encore can shrink.

6. Dark Mark Scarf. It's a really cool shadow-knitting scarf inspired by Harry Potter. I'm about a third of the way done and haven't worked on it in months.

7. Robin's Egg Blue Hat. Just started last night, will finish today. Loving it.

8. Toddler socks out of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in colorway Happy Valley. Haven't even bought the yarn yet.

9. Cinnamon Vest from Rowan's New Shapes. It's out of Big Wool and took no time. Need to block and add the edging.

10. Brooklyn Tweed's Habitat. It's a gorgeous cabled hat. Will start today.

11. Men's socks. Technically not due until January 2nd, so I haven't bought the yarn yet. I think I'll use Smooshy from Dream in Color.

I still need to buy a couple of things and have no idea what I'm going to get mom and dad for Christmas (they each get one knitted gift and one purchased gift because their birthdays are so close to Christmas). Whew. I have plenty of coffee, some Titans football coming up on tv, and am ready to knit all day.

By the way, I'm sorry for completely neglecting this blog for a while. I didn't want to blog for a while, then life picked up and got better and much busier. Now I'm knitting so much that I have to share! 

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Ann said...

Glad to see you're back! I've been rather spotty about posting at times, what with the crazy work hours, car in shop, etc., so I know how it feels to just not want to inflict the life we lead on our readers. Merry Christmas!