Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snowy and Cold

It snowed!

This was the view from I-65 on my way to work this morning. Don't worry - I wasn't moving at the time. Nashville drivers (myself included) do not know how to drive in bad weather, so we slow down a lot. Apparently there was no reason why everyone was stopped on the interstate for 10 minutes, but I guess snow is enough reason here.

I finished the Uncle Argyle scarf last night and steam-blocked it. This morning I decided to bring it to work to show Dana, and realized that it could used a little Soak. Aquae is my favorite scent, and it's perfect for boys. We have a tester at work, so I washed it and laid the scarf out to dry in the corner. Yet another perk of working at a yarn store.

Although this scarf seemed to take forever and a year, it was still a whole lotta fun. The idea to make another using a different stitch pattern is creeping back into my head. It'll have to get in line behind about 10 other projects, as usual, but I'll get it eventually.


J.P. said...

First, it was lake pics and now snow! Love it! I also love the scarf!

Anonymous said...

The scarf,it's a beauty. I am TRYING to knit this, and am having a lot of trouble seeing the pattern (even going so far as to write out EACH stitch and color on excel). i SUSPECT my problem is the way i am carrying the yarn. Is there a trick like keeping one color on top always? Or switching it willy nilly? Or am i just a dimwit?

esp said...

It takes a while for the pattern to form - at least one or two repeats.
When carrying the yarn, always keep one on top and one on the bottom. It doesn't matter much which is which, just be consistent through the entire project. You're not a dimwit, I promise.
If you're in Middle Tennessee, stop by Bliss Yarns (formerly Threaded Bliss). I'm there Tuesday - Saturday and would love to help in person.
Good luck!